Low Cost NAS Solution

For small businesses, the challenge of keeping IT costs low can be daunting. There’s always another tech toy to buy, an upgrade to purchase or some piece of software to help streamline your business. The challenge of even setting and maintaining a budget can feel like a moving target. That’s why I keep a look out for great IT products and software that get the job done reliable at a reasonable price. I am constantly asked to make recommendations to help business owners save money and at the same time have enterprise quality tools to run their companies.

One great tool I have been using for years now is the QNAP

TS-879 Pro

NAS. When it comes to network shared storage of files and data, you’ll find that QNAP offers a great selection of different sized products to meet almost any corporate need. Their NAS products have an amazing list of features above and beyond the standard file sharing services. Yes, of course they have permissions based control over data, but they offer so much more. Just a few examples are turning your data storage into a media streaming server, an audio streaming system, an FTP server, a web server, iSCSI and the list goes on.

I ran into the QNAP booth at CES in Las Vegas several years back. Since then, I’ve watched them grow their list of products and I’m still impressed. The main reason why is because they can do all this and still offer it all for a very reasonable price. Each year I see them again and again at CES each January and the booth grows, they have more representation and I learn about even more features they cram in to their devices.

With the world of security becoming more and more in focus lately, I have seem lots of businesses (and homes) add cameras and DVRs around the building. All of that video data must be stored somewhere. A QNAP NAS makes a great solution.

Probably the most common use I’ve seen recently is for backups. Many enterprises will have much higher end, higher performance devices such as SANs for their live/production data and back up their data to a QNAP NAS.

Not only do I recommend them, I am also a customer. I use their rack mounted server to handle an iSCSI network at my data center in Los Angeles. With dual power supplies, I find it to be stable and reliable.

Other devices this feature rich all start around triple the price. No kidding! So take your pick, rack mount or desktop version? Either way, you’ll find them easy to configure and compatible with your network.

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