Search Engine Marketing

There’s a significant difference between search engine marketing and search engine optimization.  Although the two sound similar and help produce the same end results, they are completely different.

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Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing

What is Search Engine Marketing?

Search engine marketing consists of the activities you do outside of your website to get listed on Google and other search engines.

A common activity is called AdWords and is a service offered by Google.  Anytime you visit Google and do a search you will most likely see sponsored links above the organic search results.  Those links the result of a bidding competition by websites willing to pay for their search engine traffic.  Although this can sometimes be a costly solution, it may very well help you grow your business.  Yahoo also offers a similar product called Yahoo Marketing.

Another activity could be placing a banner on another website.  You could also purchase a text link from other webmasters.  Text links have become more common recently as they appear to me more organic and less intrusive to the viewer’s experience.

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