SQL Server

Backbone of Data
Whether you are using Sharepoint for your company’s intranet, WordPress for your website or a custom application to run your business, the framework of your information storage is a database.  The most commonly used databases today are Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and MySQL.  Regardless of which database you are using, the database must be stored on high performance hardware and be readily available.

Reliability and Performance
That data must be always available and fast to access.  That means that the platform you choose to run on must be reliable and state of the art.  Cutting corners on the hardware for a database could be the difference between high performance and frustratingly slow experience for your customers and staff alike.  Regular monitoring and evaluation can identify slowness and bottlenecks before they are noticed by the users. Lack of sufficient ram, under performing CPUs and slow performing hard drive configurations are just a few examples of what to watch.

Backup Management
So, now that you have a high performance solution in place, it is time to to review your backup solution. Are you getting regular backups of your database? Where are they stored? When you need to restore a backup file, how long does that take? Running a few tests before an actual disaster recovery situation could lead to some eye opening answers. Are your backups real time or a snapshot at a certain time of day? The cost of real time backups has come way down in recent years and might be a worthwhile investment for your company.

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