Mobile and Tablet Support

Beyond the desktop, there are a growing number of devices that a company is now expected to support.  The benefit of supporting this extended network is the ability to keep in touch with your staff and client base.  Faster response times can lead to higher customer satisfaction.  Employees almost expect that their tablets, cell phones and now wearable devices have a right to access the company network.

Deciding to allow access to your IT network by these devices is the first step.  There are many issues to consider including security concerns as well as bandwidth management.  Does your environment have legal requirements for protecting data?  Does your data pipe have enough capacity to handling the existing load and more?

After you have decided to open the network to the BYOD (Bring your own device) world, it is time to consider how to configure the security on your network to make sure the integrity of your data in not compromised.  As well, capacity planning can be much more than just calling your service provider and bumping up your plan to the next plan.

Next to consider is how you’d like to make your applications and data available on those devices.  Sharing data can be done via file sharing solutions such as Dropbox or an tool such as remote desktop or a VPN.

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