No one expects a disaster
Our day to day routines are busy. We have a lot on our minds and for the most post we expect the systems and tools we use on a regular basis to just work. When the WIFI goes down temporarily or we get interrupted with a bad mouse or keyboard, we address the issue and looking back it was a minor set back. But what happens when important data disappears?

Make recovery simple
Let’s say you lose just one important file. The time spent on recovery needs to be minimized. At the end of the day, this should be no more than a bump in the road, not a major setback causing you to have to recreate the document from scratch and hope you recall everything in the file. A few clicks should be all that’s necessary to get back what you lost and get back to your busy day.

Catastrophic Loss
In the event of a fire or other major event (here in California we need to consider earthquakes as well), we need to be prepared to set up shop in another location and resume business as usual the best we can. For that reason, a disaster recovery plan should include back ups of your data to an alternate location. Data should ALWAYS be redundant and diverse.

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