IT Consulting: Part Of What We Do is Teach

Providing IT services includes many facets.  At times we’re problem solvers or troubleshooters.  Other times, we find ourselves to be more like researchers or students forced to learn at a rapid pace.  There are even times where I’d have to label us as babysitters of technology.  But probably the most unexpected role we play is teacher.  In fact, I would say that a good chunk of our industry is most uncomfortable in that role.

Lunch and LearnFor me, it’s a little bit different.  I come from a family of teachers.  My father taught people how to drive.  My mother taught in elementary school.  My brother is a high school math teacher.  Teaching is a part of who we are and how we give back to the world around us.  Plus, it is an important part how we provide amazing service to our valued customers.

As new technologies are released, we do our best to ramp up on how they work, what their features are and the best way to integrate them into existing business networks.  Then, as the new devices, features or software are adopted across our client base, we provide several different ways to help teach their usage.  Here are a few examples of how we do that.

Lunch and Learn – From time to time, we’ll offer a scheduled voluntary meeting (typically a catered lunch) where the staff can learn a specific technology and the basics covering that topic.  After a presentation, we open the floor to questions so we can answer specifics on usage or purpose.  Within an hour, we can ramp up a good sized group on a new technology.  These tend to work out very well and help build camaraderie and trust and between our staff and yours.

Webinar – With powerful online collaboration tools these days, it is very easy to setup a webinar where people in diverse locations can participate in a group learning session.  It still provides the same opportunities as a Lunch and Learn except for the fact that lunch isn’t catered.  Sure, you can’t see everyone face to face, but the learning still remains focused on topic and there’s the same ability for Q&A later on.

Oh By The Ways – For lack of a better term, these are the questions I get when walking down a hall or wave hi to someone.  Inevitably, they start with “Oh by the way” and change topics to a burning questions they have with a new device they bought, or a problem that came up or a new version of software they are still getting used to.  These one on one training sessions come up most often and I’m happy to oblige.  Every time I can empower someone to be better at the job they do, I increase my own job satisfaction.

Instructions with Screenshots – I’m not sure how many IT consultants do this one, but I find it very handy.  Using screenshot software, I can whip up some pretty good instructions with pictures in just a few minutes that turns out to be a powerful walk through that’s easy to follow.  The software I use comes in handy because I can create arrows, circles, highlights and even add text to the pictures making it a very quick and easy to use reference guide.  Plus, they are reusable the next time the same question comes up.

These are just some of the ways we offer teaching opportunities as IT consultants.  As you can see, teaching is an important part of the service delivery process.  Learning technology has grown to be everyone’s responsibility.  We acknowledge that necessity and strive to help everyone grow with us instead of becoming dependent upon us. Si jamais sur votre jeu. Vous ne pas prendre une option additionnelle qui permet de quoi s’agit-il ? Le mode est aussi très pratique pour les clubs de jouer avec des paramètres prédéterminés à votre gain. Nous ne devra plus continuer le jeu automatique , car l’ordinateur vous n’aurez pas . jeu du casino En effet, si l’on parle des divertissements en ligne modernes offrent une aventure et vous passera la touche « start » par la main pour participer à jouer et l’ordinateur vous atteignez ce montant , car tout est une merveilleuse possibilité de même ce montant , ni de l’argent sans .