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IT Consulting: Part Of What We Do is Teach

Providing IT services includes many facets.  At times we’re problem solvers or troubleshooters.  Other times, we find ourselves to be more like researchers or students forced to learn at a rapid pace.  There are even times where I’d have to label us as babysitters of technology.  But probably the most unexpected role we play is […]

My Go To IT Guy

We all have “Go To” people in our lives.  Some for questions about your car, others for medical issues, insurance or even legal issues.  And how great is it when you have a doctor or lawyer in the family?  But when it comes to technology, not everyone has a contact that can answers those tough […]

We have IT Super Powers!

Recently, a friend asked me how High Road Data sets itself apart in the IT consulting world.  It was an interesting questions that I think many businesses struggle to understand about themselves.  Just by understanding this one question, a business owner or a sales person can up their game and increase their closing ratios.  So, […]

Removing viruses and spyware

As an IT consultant, it is all to common these days for me to sit down at a client computer these days to see all sorts of popups on their computer. I’ve seen fake warnings that the computer is riddle with viruses. I’ve seen hijacked home pages in browsers. I’ve seen normal looking web pages […]

Low Cost NAS Solution

For small businesses, the challenge of keeping IT costs low can be daunting. There’s always another tech toy to buy, an upgrade to purchase or some piece of software to help streamline your business. The challenge of even setting and maintaining a budget can feel like a moving target. That’s why I keep a look […]